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Laryngectomy is the surgical removal of part or all of the larynx (usually to treat cancer of the larynx).

This website is aimed at the different groups of people interested in the life of a Laryngectomee. You could be the expectant patient, a relative or friend with obvious interests or a medical practitioner who wants to find out about how we all think and feel.

The web is a great medium for this as it enables people throughout the world to share their experiences by just performing a few clicks.

The journey for a lary (that's what we call a laryngectomee for short) starts with some damage to their larynx. This might be cancer or it could simply be a result of an accident. The end product is the same - the larynx will need removing and the neck area re-molded to facilitate eating and breathing.

In the case of cancer it may be possible for radio-therapy to produce a complete cure but for many cancer patients the only remedy is a complete laryngectomy.

This site aims to inform and console the prospective lary, family and friends and show that although not ideal the operation can and does leave us with a valued life-style.

On the margins there is some helpful information.